Ferrofluid And Magnetic Field-A Mindblowing Art By Fabian Oefner

Fabian Oefner is a Swiss photographer famous for his innovative projects relating to photography and its wonders. His project I am sharing today is a marvelous piece of photography and science. He called this project Millefiori. He performed experiments with a very peculiar material called Ferrofluid. He says that this liquid contains millions nano iron particles in it which make it magnetic. He mixed various water colors in ferrofluid and placed it in a magnetic field. The particles in the solution started to rearrange themselves under the action of magnetic force. This resulted in the amazing pop paintings as shown below. Ferrofluids react to external magnetic fields and then take the amazing shapes.
Each photograph captures a moment of transition between the ferrofluid and the magnetic forces, resulting in these psychedelic “brain-like” patterns as shown below:

fabian oefner experiment


ferrofluid and magnetic field


fabian oefner photography


ferrofluid art


ferrofluid colors


ferrofluid and magnetic field


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