Love-An Elaborate Social Perspective

Love is a beautiful feeling that bounds two souls together in a pure and warm-hearted relation. Love is all about care, trust, understanding, selflessness and devotion. Without these ingredients all relations are fake and hollow. Love is the primary constituent in the making of all intimate impressive ideal relations in life. The difference is how we define love in our own heart and mind and what we perceive of it is evident in our daily life behaviors and motives. I will try to elaborate its various forms in this article which may help you understand it in a better way.

Every one of us experiences love in our lives but love is a phenomenon that is highly misunderstood. Every one of us may or may not e aware of all of its forms. All of us have families and close relatives. It is obvious that we all love our parents and siblings. The love of parents and siblings has different demands. As being loved by parents it is our moral obligation to return that love in the form of obedience and respect. Siblings are very important companions for lifetime with whom you fight, enjoy, laugh and cry still there is no weakening of the bond instead it gets stronger with time. No matter what circumstances turn out to be, your family supports you always and this is the best example of selfless god-gifted love that has been induced through blood.

When we talk about love in a broader sense, apart from family, we as humans tend to be attracted towards people who are close to us. Whether they are classmates, friends or colleagues at workplace we develop certain closeness and feelings of affection for them. Especially if they are from the same school of thought as ours, we are more inclined towards them. But sometimes similarities aren’t the only thing creating intimacy among people but differences can also make two persons attract towards each other. It is said that love happens when you least expect it, so you can’t sit back, relax and allow yourself to fall in love with someone. You don’t get much time to prepare yourself for falling in love with the right person. Love just happens and you have no idea about what is going on until you find yourself completely drowned in someone’s love. Sometimes you have feelings but you don’t realize or accept that you have fallen for someone. The moment your loved one distances himself from you or becomes interested in someone else then you realize you true feelings of compassion.

Love is a passionate emotion that requires reciprocation in the same way as you intend for your loved one. Love induces the feeling of jealousy as well. You become possessive as love propagates and in some relationships this possessiveness causes problems. One must has to keep in mind that you shouldn’t overpower another person’s life and do not hurt their rights of freedom.

True love is demanding. It instills sense of selflessness in you and you become ready-to-deliver in a relationship with your beloved. You are more concerned for your beloved’s interest instead of seeking benefits for your own good self. Most of the people are not aware of what love demands. They confuse infatuation or likeness for love and aren’t even conversant with the true meaning of love. One can never understand this beautiful phenomenon until he/she experiences himself.

At the end I would say that love is a beautiful and sacred thing. Do not mock it by using each other for your personal benefits. Do not spoil the society with wrong doings in the name of love and keep in mind the ethical values of the society and religion. Do not intend to love in order to fulfill your worldly desires rather spread the message of love and peace to make this world full of happiness, delight and laughter. Eliminate hatred and spread love.

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