The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

 ‘Wonders of the World’ is one of the most interesting topics of all ages. Since our childhood we always dreamt of knowing and discovering information about these wonders we have had been listening to. The interesting stories we were taught have influence in our lives that urges us to explore more about them. This curiosity of mine compelled me to write about it, thus the category of Wonderland’ came into being. This category will not only include the ancient wonders and wonders of past but of present day and future as well. So what you have to do is to stay tuned and subscribe us to get the updates about every new post.

My first post in this category is ‘World’s Ancient Wonders’, further you will see ‘Modern Seven Wonders of the World’, ‘Civil Engineering Wonders’, ‘underwater Wonders’ and so on like these.

The following seven wonders of the world are known as Ancient Wonders of the World, some of which still exist:

1)      The Great Pyramid of Giza

2)      The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

3)      The Statue of Zeus at Olympia

4)      The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus

5)      The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus

6)      The Colossus of Rhodes

7)      The Lighthouse of Alexandria

Here are the pictures of these seven wonders along with brief history:

1) Great Pyramid of Giza

It is said to had been built during 2584-2561 BC by Egyptians and is still present. However it does not exist as it was originally built. The pyramid was clad with highly polished tiles made of limestone on the outside. It was de-shaped due to an earthquake in 1300.

wonders of the world


2) Hanging Gardens of Babylon

They are said to have been built around 600 BC in Iraq. Hanging Gardens are probably the only one of the wonders doubted to be real. It is said that Nebuchadnezzar II built the Hanging Gardens to please his Persian wife. However there is no archaeological evidence found till date regarding the existence of the hanging gardens. These are said to be destroyed by series of Earthquakes after 1st century AD.

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3) Statue of Zeus at Olympia

Built in 435 BC by the Greeks at Olympia Greece, the mega statue was dedicated to their supreme god called Zeus. The statue was made up of ivory and gold-plated bronze. It is suspected to be destroyed by fire in 5th/6th centuries AD.

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4) Temple of Artemis at Ephesus

Built in 550 B.C by the Greeks and Lydians, the temple was dedicated to the daughter of Zeus. It was destroyed by Herostratus in 356 B.C and by Goths in 262 A.D. The temple was re-built three times still there is just a column standing in the ruins presently.

wonders of the world

5) Mausoleum of Maussollos at Halicarnassus

In 351 BC, it was made by Carians and Greeks for Persian Governor named Mausolus. It was destroyed in 12th-15th century due to earthquakes and the gem stones were stolen by the invading knights.

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6) Colossus of Rhodes

Built in 292-280 BC by Greeks. It was a massive colossus, as huge as the statue of liberty standing at Liberty Island New York. It was among the wonders in ancient times due to its massiveness. It was destroyed in 226 BC due to an earthquake.

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7) The Lighthouse of Alexandria

It was built around 280 BC on the Island of Pharos. It was designed by Greek Architect Sostratos to guide the sailors into the Alexandrian port. It was also destroyed by an earthquake in 1303. Now at this place a medieval fortress has been built.

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